Friday, June 17, 2016

New Nike+ website but where are my Nike plus trophies?

The first thing I noticed when I connect my Nike Fuelband is the new Nike plus website after some face lifting.

Where are my Nike+ trophies!!?? Nike stripped off a lot of things and where are my total lifetime fuel count??

I want the old website back!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Add a run session with the Nike running app

This might be old news - Now Nike allow us to add a run to the Nike+ website using the running app on Android and iPhone. Before this, we can only manually add a run through a 3rd party website.

Let us quickly go through how do I add my distance, pace and duration using my ios app on my iPhone. It should work about the same way if you own an Android phone.

1) Sign in to your Nike+ app and tap on activity

2) Tap on the + icon on the top right corner of the screen

3) It will bring you to the screen below where everything is pretty straight forward

4) Manually set distance of your run

5) Manually set duration of your run

6) Manually set pace of your run

That's it, I wish I can manually key in my fuel too!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

500 days fuel streak

Time to celebrate, today I hit the 500 days of meeting my Nike fuel goal! That is 1.36895463 years according to Google.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yes! Nike+ fuel app could replace the fuelband

After writing the post "Nike+ Move app does not replace FuelBand", one kind reader - Rafiq Sarlie pointed to me that the new Nike+ fuel app (formerly Nike+ fuelband app) can indeed calculate fuel by its own.

If you want to track Fuel in the Fuel App without a FuelBand, you will need to enable iPhone Tracking. To do this, you will need to
1) navigate to Settings within the app
2) then click Device Selection
3) click iPhone Tracking to turn on this feature

Now you do not have wear that band on your wrist 24/7!

Click switch bands on the top under device settings

switch between the iPhone and your fuelband

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nike+ Move app does not replace Fuelband

I have just switched to using iPhone after hanging on to my android for 6 years and I am looking forward to using the Nike+ Move app (which is exclusive to iphone 5 and up), thinking I could finally ditch my smelly fuelband and wear a proper watch..I am in for a surprise - The fuel earned on Nike move app is solely for viewing purpose only and not uploaded to the Nike+ website, this is what Nike said:


The NikeFuel earned using the Nike+ Move app appears only within the Nike+ Move app. The Nike+ Move app is a stand-alone, introductory experience on the iPhone 5S announced by Apple

That means I have to keep wearing the fuelband for now to keep earning those trophies...

Some more information about the difference between the fuelband and the move app:

The Nike+ Move App is an introductory experience on iPhone 5S, while the Nike+ FuelBand SE and Nike+ FuelBand App offer a complete, all day Nike+ experience that works on most iOS devices.

Specifically, the Nike+ FuelBand SE can be worn places you wouldn’t take your phone, be on your wrist throughout the day (providing the most representative view of your body movements) and be used on its own or with a variety of iOS devices. The Nike+ FuelBand syncs with the Nike+ FuelBand App and so you can see your progress, earn achievements, plus share and compete with your friends.