Friday, June 22, 2012

Help! I am getting error #52 when syncing

Question: I got a message that says error #52 when I plug in my Nike Fuelband into my computer today. I can't sync my data anymore after that.


We have a couple troubleshooting steps to get you on track.
1) Please press Quit and unplug
2) Replug the Fuelband into the same USB port. If Connect opens normally, then we have success. If not, please try 2 more times.
3) If same message appears, press Quit.
4) Then, please try inserting the FuelBand into a different USB port that is NOT connected to a USB hub.
5) If you are still seeing the error, we recommend trying another computer.

Solution from Hoezaay

1.First : Make sure you’re not using a USB port that’s part of a hub.
2.Hold the button on the Fuel Band down and then plug it into your computer. The first picture above should pop up.
3.DO NOT hit update.Do Not hit Exit. Unplug your FuelBand. ( did this TWICE )
4.Plug in your fuelband again. The first picture above should pop up again. If it doesn’t, start from step 2 again.
5.Now hit Update and cross your fingers.
6.If you see the progress bar on the firmware update go back and forth a few times then you know it’s working.
7.Your Fuelband should light up at the end of this.
8.To be safe , get into the Nike Connect app and do a Factory RESET.

If it doesn’t work , don’t give up , try again. At least we know it’s not a hard brick.

Solution from Trisha Kernan

OK for those of you that have called Nike for a 52.11 error, you are told to use another computer if that computer is a Windows OS Running a 64 bit system STOP!!! don't do it!! you will get he same error, once that error occurs it cannot be cleared without a mod to the registry! So, this is how you can fix the problem, first when you go to another computer if its a Windows 64 bit system you have to download the Nike+ connect installer to a location on you computer where you can find that file, I suggest the Desktop...

once down loaded Right click on that file select run in compatibility mode by putting a check in the box use the pull down to select Windows 7, select apply and ok

then install Nike+ Connect.. That's it why does this work you ask? Bad programming!!!

Dealing with a 64 bit OS and a 32 bit application.

One note once this occurs on a PC I have not been successful in uninstalling the SW, clearing the Reg keys and removing the Temp install files!!! I am still working on that issue. If I can figure that out then there is no need to go to another PC.

One last note: I wrote this procedure on Christmas Day my mandatory over time day.

A family of 5 all bought the FuelBand SE's all had an issue, they talked to someone prior to me and was told to ship all 5 FuelBand's needed to be shipped back to Nike.
I refused to allow someone Christmas be ruined as mine was... And yes I was written up for creating, Writing, implementing, and solving a problem 2 months ago. that would have save this Company money and a big black eye.


  1. Didn't work for me :(

  2. Neither worked for me. Highly frustrating.

    Any other recommendations / ideas?

    1. Try getting a replacement from Nike

    2. Not an option unfortunately

  3. same error with nike sportband?
    help me!pls

  4. I send an email to Nike+ FuelBand support team and they suggested 2 solutions and the second solution worked for me. I want to share the solutions with you.

    The first thing I'd like to try for this is a soft reset on your FuelBand. There is no data loss associated with this. It's similar to restarting a computer. To do this, let's press and hold the button on your FuelBand until we see the word "Reset". When you see this, press the button once more. We'll know the soft reset is complete when we see the Nike Swoosh appear on the display of your FuelBand. After completing the soft reset, shake the FuelBand and gain some Fuel, then attempt to sync again.

    The next thing I'd like to try is to uninstall and reinstall theNike+ Connect software. After uninstalling, you can download the software again here:,3174. Just select your product from the drop down box, then choose whether we're downloading for a Mac or a PC. After installation is complete, restart your computer, then attempt to gain Fuel and upload again.

    If we're still unsuccessful, the next thing I'd like to try is a factory reset. I apologize, but doing this will remove any Fuel that has not yet been uploaded to your account. However, this should improve your experience with future uploads. To do this, let's connect the FuelBand to your computer so Nike+ Connect launches. Next,we'll click on "Settings" towards the bottom middle, then we'll click on "Factory reset" towards the bottom left and confirm your choice.If the settings button is not available, please disconnect your internet and remove your device and plug it back into the computer. This may allow you to access the settings button. I
    After the reset is complete you will be guided through the initial "Make it yours" setup. After completing this setup the device should say "GO". Lets gain some Fuel and perform another soft reset. Once we complete the soft reset, plug the FuelBand back into the computer.

  5. I tried this solution but doesn´t work.
    I am waiting for the solution of nike

  6. I'm currently getting the same error once i did the firmware update. I called nike customer service and they had me do the same steps above, which didnt help very much!!I'm currently waiting for the new band that could take 5 business days before i receive it. Apparently this is a known issue and nike is trying to resolve it. FYI, nike wont replace your band after the 1 year warranty, so i suggest you ask for a refund and then purchase another one ;)

  7. Got the same problem, nike told me to unplug replug which is not big help. I decided to change/update my driver of usb port and it worked, i ise drivermax, good luck.

  8. this is stupid, I got the same problem. How can this device be unable to do a simply upgrade. Nike support is not helping much, same solutions already described, none has worked, anything else that can help me? This is annoying .....

  9. I had the same problem and tried everything as same as everyone here! I agree with the anonymous guy! How can this expensive device be unable to do a simply upgrade! Absurd for a company like Nike. I hope they solve this problem as soon as possible!
    Paulo Brasil

  10. I am waiting for the solution of nike

  11. me too not working for me error 52 :-/

  12. Hi everyone,

    I kept getting Error 52#5. What I managed to do was the following

    1. Unplug your Nike Fuel Band from PC/ Mac
    2. Turn off Ethernet/WiFi
    3. Plug in Nike Fuel Band USB and NIke Fuel Band
    4. Nike App loads
    5. Go to "Factory Reset' in the bottom corner
    6. Factory Reset
    7. It will go to step 2 'Make it Yours'and try to connect to Nike +
    8. Turn on VPN to ensure you are accessing from USA or UK, otherwise firmware update might have issues
    9. Turn on connection (now connected to said country)
    10. Continue with reset steps
    11. Follow Hozennay's steps
    Good Luck!

  13. I have had the same problem with my GPS watch. After lots of conversations with Nike, and some experimenting, I found a solution. I have a Windows computer. When you install Nike Connect, it adds itself to the list of programs that run at Windows startup. That is how it is able to respond when you plug in your device. For whatever reason, that program develops a conflict at some point.

    What I did was to remove it from the Windows startup list. Then, when I want to upload my workouts, I run Nike Connect manually (i.e. from Start, Programs). The dialog will appear, and it will prompt you to connect your device. I have not seen any "code 52" errors since I started doing this.

    To remove Nike from startup: Start, Run, msconfig. Click on Startup tab, look for "Nike Connect daemon", and uncheck the box. Reboot.