Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nike+ Trophies Collection

Hi all Nike+ trophies hunters out there!

This is it! I've promised to take time off to rearrange and Photoshop all trophies in a more digestible order. Special thanks to all the peeps for all the screenshots sent over to me!

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Below is the list and how to get them:
Nike+ Running High Mile Trophies
Platinum - Run over 160 KM in a month
Gold - Run over 80 KM in a month
Silver - Run over 40 KM in a month
Bronze - Run over 24 KM in a month

Nike+ Running Event Related Trophies
Celebrity - Shared on social 10 times
Sneaker Head - Tagged activity with 3 different shoes
Uncle Sam - Run on 4th of July
Double Shot - Run 2 times in a day
Jack O Lantern - Run on Halloween
Extra Frosting - Run on your birthday
Stormproof - Tag 5 snowy/rainy days
Night Owl - Run 5 times between 12-3 A.M
Early Bird - Run 5 times between 3-6 A.M
Anniversary - You joined Nike+ a year ago
Resolution- Run on New Year Day
El Fiesta - Run on Cinco de Mayo (5th of May)
Chocolate Heart - Run on Valentine's Day
Comfort Zone - ???
Local Legend - Most runs on a Top Route

* Dragon - Run on Chinese New Year
* Intercontinental - Tag run on more than one continent
* Off The Beaten Path- Tag 5 runs on a trail
* Beach Bum - Tag 5 runs on a beach
* Not confirmed

Nike+ Running Special Event Trophies
Game On, World - Ran on 12.8.12
Best Day on 12.8.12 - You broke your fuel record on 12.8.12

Nike+ Running Time Related Trophies
No explanation needed

Nike+ Running Goals
Run More Often
Run More Miles
Burn Calories
Earn NikeFuel

Nike+ Fuel Related Trophies
8K Day - 8000 fuel earned in a day
10K Day - 10000 fuel earned in a day
20K Day - 20000 fuel earned in a day

Nike+ Fuelband Trophies
Water - Passed goal by 50%
Ice - Passed goal by 100%
Fire - Passed goal by 150%
Rainbow - Passed goal by 200%
Supernova - Passed goal by 300%

Nike+ Fuel Milestones
No Explanation needed

Updated 9th March 2013

Thanks to Mike for the info on the delay of the Nike Trophies:
I've been in touch with @NikeSupport on twitter previously about missing trophies, they say there is an issue they are trying to get to the bottom of but no more news than that yet. Might explain why people are missing trophies. - Mike Holloway

Guess some of the trophies are only for 2012....