Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Do I Earn the Celebrity Trophy

How Do I Earn the Celebrity Trophy in the new Nike Plus website?

You will have to share your Nike+ activity over 10 times to earn it.


  1. Thanks for the info!! I was just wondering whether you know how to earn other trophies, such as Night Owl, Early Bird, Beach Bum, El Fiesta, Uncle Sam, Extra Frosting, and others. In fact all of them sound like fun and I really wanna get the trophies, but I don't know what to work on and I can't find the descriptions of the achievements anywhere...I would really appreciate the help.

  2. Uncle Sam is from running on the 4th of July.

  3. Extra Frosting Badge is from running on your Birthday

  4. 25K milestone- 25k Nike Fuel points
    10K milestone- 10k Nike Fuel points
    5K milestone- 5k Nike Fuel points
    6 weeks in a row- Active 6 weeks in a row
    5/4/3 weeks in row- Active 5/4/3 weeks in row
    3 months in a row- Active 3 months in a row
    Run More often- Complete a goal.
    Anniversary- I joined Nike+ 1 year ago. (it keeps giving me this achievement lol)
    Celebrity- Shared my runs on Facebook more than 10 times
    Sneaker head- Tagged activities with at least 3 shoes.
    Double shot- Active twice in one day
    Extra frosting- Running on your birthday

    On Nike+? Add me! I love having my Nike+ friends to share their runs! :]
    Nike+ iD: nnaji.dimiri

  5. Correction: My Nike+ name is g0ldm4g3

  6. have you found out how to get "el fiesta, the dragon, and beach bum?"

    nike+ iD: jbravoe

  7. Hi everyone!! Nice to see that some people are like me, trying to get all the badges :)
    I will add you to my friends on my Nike+ account if you don't mind.

    I am still trying to know how to obtain the El Fiesta badge.

    My name on Nike+: JeromeRahier

  8. Hi all,
    Jack O lantern - by running on Halloween day
    Night Owl - It's the opposite of Early Bird. You have to run very late at night at least 5 or more times.
    I'm still trying to figure out the other ones, such as:
    The Dragon, EL fiesta, Beach Bum and On the Beaten path badges.
    I have a pretty guess on the Resolution badge it might be by running on January 1st, so I will give a try that day. What do you guys think?
    My name on Nike+: j_mmontero
    You can tweet @mmontero_j

    1. Night Owl - how late is late O.o

    2. Derrick,
      I haven't done it yet (I'm an early bird) but my guess is 10-11pm

  9. I think Night Owl just refers to night running. In my experience, night runs are after 6pm. I could be wrong but I think this is correct.

  10. Hi All,

    Also hunting badges :)

    My *guess* is that The Dragon is for running on Chinese New Year and that El Fiesta is for running on Cinco de Mayo but I don't know for sure. I also suspect that Beach Bum and Off the Beaten Path are ones for where you've done your runs (I'm a Road Warrior so can't say for sure) - like after you run when you select if you ran on a trail, road, beach or track. No clue how many of those runs you'd need for the badge.

    Looking forward to more clues from everyone else! Thanks!

  11. Does anyone know if there's a comprehensive list of achievements out there,e even if it doesn't say how to get them? Found a few pages that list of a lot of them (like, I think this might be the website of the guy who designed the icons), but nothing complete yet.

    I'm also fairly sure that night owl has to be at least after 11 PM because I've run more than 5 times after 9/10 and haven't earned it yet.

    Nike+ ID: kahtap

    Would love to add/be added by fellow runners to make running and this app more interesting :)

    1. Give me some time, I'll photoshop whatever badges I seen into one picture and post it here in the near future!


    3. Great info! My nikeID is heckofarush feel free to add me too.

    4. you have to run after12.01 midnight and 3am for 5times

  12. I've shared ten times on Path,but i did not get the celebrity badges...please tell me why?

    1. You might have to share your runs on facebook or twitter, not really sure why path does not work thoguh

    2. Hi all, thanks for the great info but aside from the "Date-Specific" badges (eg, Game On, World, Anniversary, Extra Frosting, Jack O Lantern, Uncle Sam etc...), are there "Device-Specific" badges? (you know, like it will only show up if you use a Nike GPS watch or through a Nike iPod/Android app, or in combination with a NikeFuel band etc...) I tried earning the Sneakerhead Badge but no joy there :( I used a Sportband and my NikeID is swooshed72 btw.

    3. Most of the badges can be found here

  13. This is great information! I have a problem with the sneakerhead trophy though... I tagged 3 different shoes for my runs, but I still didn't get anything. What does it mean to "tag"? Can someone please clarify this for me? What are the exact steps for this one? Thanks! :)

    1. As someone who had the same "problem" before with the Sneakerhead badge (I just got mine just last month), I can't really tell you the exact steps but I must say, that you might "need" two (2) Nike+ gears/gadgets in order to get the badge (since it has to track laps ---and an overlap to be exact when you changed shoes)I got mine when I simultaneously/alternately used my Nike+ Sportband and Nike+ GPS app to do runs...and tagged different shoes on each when I synched.

  14. Has anyone got the Resolution trophy? I thought I might get it for running on January 1st, but I did not.

  15. A little frustrated. I realize it sounds ridiculous to get disappointed over a virtual trophy but...I am missing SEVERAL that should be there. Why is this???

  16. I already ran for 25.8 miles in January.. how come i didn't get the silver trophy? neither the bronze.. :(

  17. I already finished 25.8 miles last january but i didn't get the silver trophy neither the bronze one.. how come? :(

  18. 'i have just found this on another blog post:

    Celebrity - Shared on social 10 times
    Sneaker Head - Tagged activity with 3 different shoes
    Uncle Sam - Run on 4th of July
    Double Shot - Run 2 times in a day
    Jack O Lantern - Run on Halloween
    Extra Frosting - Run on your birthday
    Stormproof - Tag 5 snowy/rainy days
    Night Owl - Run 5 times between 12-3 A.M
    Early Bird - Run 5 times between 3-6 A.M
    Anniversary - You joined Nike+ a year ago
    Resolution- Run on New Year Day
    El Fiesta - Run on Cinco de Mayo (5th of May)
    Chocolate Heart - Run on Valentine's Day

  19. Well...haven't you guys/gals heard/read it yet? It seems certain badges (but im guessing most of the "date-specific" badges) are "not recurring" this 2013 according to FB posts by Nike Running --see for details and my rants ;-) That's why no one has gotten (at least those I know of) any of this year's expected badges Resolution, Chocolate Heart, Dragon etc.... :(

  20. I can never get the celebrity, despite sharing on social networks on more than 10 occasions. :( No fair.

  21. The celebrity one may take a day or two to appear...i posted about 12 times on fbook and then created a twitter account and posted about 12 times and when I woke up the next morning I had the badge (this was May 2, 2013 I believe so it is a 2013 badge)

    I cannot seem to get the BUTTERFLY badge...not sure if it's an end of the month badge or just isn't offered anymore...but i friended like 6-7 strangers in one day and got nothing...IDK

    it's funny they are silly little trophies but it's upsetting not get them :D