Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cycling With the Nike Fuelband

Photo courtesy of Robinnyc
Q: I just bought my Nike fuelband but most of my workout is cycling. The problem is the fuelband only tracks my hand movement. How Do I Earn Fuel Points When Cycling?
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A: Attach your fuelband to either your shoelace or shoe strap as shown in the pictures.

"I suspect this approach may over report cycling Fuel points and calories burned but it is more accurate than wearing the Nike Fuel on your wrist.

A couple people expressed concern about losing or damaging the Nike Fuel Band by wearing it on your shoe. I didn't worry much, I simply locked in onto one of the laces and double secured it by tying the lace over it as pictured below. It may look goofy but it is very secure and hasn't moved on the two rides used in this way" - Paul Speese

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