Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Nike Fuelband Stopped Syncing Over Bluetooth


My Fuelband no longer syncs over bluetooth with the iPhone app. I have tried resetting the band, restoring it to factory settings, and I reinstalled the app. Nothing has worked so far. The band still records my activity, and syncs through the provided usb cable. However, I chose the band for the bluetooth sync feature. Is there something else I can try to get it to work?

Solution #1:

Restart your iPhone (hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple symbol appears) and try to pair/sync again.

Solution #2:
1) Go to iPhone settings
2) Turn off Bluetooth
3) Turn on Bluetooth again
4) Try to pair/sync again

Solution #3:

Try re-pairing the Fuelband to the iPhone again.