Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Nike Fuelband Stopped Syncing Over Bluetooth


My Fuelband no longer syncs over bluetooth with the iPhone app. I have tried resetting the band, restoring it to factory settings, and I reinstalled the app. Nothing has worked so far. The band still records my activity, and syncs through the provided usb cable. However, I chose the band for the bluetooth sync feature. Is there something else I can try to get it to work?

Solution #1:

Restart your iPhone (hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple symbol appears) and try to pair/sync again.

Solution #2:
1) Go to iPhone settings
2) Turn off Bluetooth
3) Turn on Bluetooth again
4) Try to pair/sync again

Solution #3:

Try re-pairing the Fuelband to the iPhone again.


  1. Works for me! Thank you so much!

  2. I am facing a Similar issue, tried everything, but everytime I try to sync, get this messag. "is this Nike+Fuelband set up" we had a problem connecting with your profile. Go to Nike+ Connect and we'll fix you up". have tried everything but it just does not sync with my profile.

    1. Have you done a soft reset?

    2. ME TOO , IT´S DOES´T SYNC :-( HELP !

  3. having same issues, i think the bluetooth ability of the band is broken. mine wont be found by any other idevice know. I work in an apple store and am around iphones all day. not one in the store will find my fuelband. Kinda disapointed with nike on this one...

    1. Hi Mike

      So what did you do for your fuelband at the end, coz I am suffering from the same issue as yours now.

      Pls advise


  4. have exactly the same thing. I think the bluetooth ability of my band broke. This after 7 weeks in use - very unhappy

  5. Same problem and no help from Nike support on this. Reset. Rebooted iphone. No go. Help?

  6. I have the same issue, It connects via bluetooth to my iPhone but I get the error message:
    "we had a problem connecting with your profile. Go to Nike+ Connect and we'll fix you up".
    Rebooted phone, reinstalled app, soft and hard reset Fuelband. Nothing fixes the problem.
    I will be returning it to Nike. Very disapointed.

  7. It totally helped me! thanks!!!

  8. None of these steps work, this this is basically garbage.

  9. Been trying to sync and never worked since the first day I bought..