Monday, June 18, 2012

Help! Where can I find the Nike+ maps beta?

Question: I'm searching high and low for the the old Nike+ maps beta in the new Nike+ website but I can't seemed to find it. I'm desperately wanna add my runs to the run routes I created on the map.

Answer: The old Nike+ maps beta was replaced by Nike+ places when the new Nike+ places launched on 5th of June 2012. In the new Nike+ place, you won't be able to add your runs to your custom run routes that you had drawn.

However, the Nike team will monitor the popularity of the run routes around the world and will add the most popular run routes to the new "Top Routes" feature. You will have to run a 80% match to the top route to be able to count as a run on the said top route.


  1. So, they've completely deleted all the old routes!? I'd done over 100 runs on one of mine and only just plotted 2 or 3 new routes 2 weeks before they all got deleted!

    ...Oh well, as soon as my sensor goes flat I'm finished with Nike - I'm not having them give my money to Michael Vick! Crap, weak, expensive, heavy, ugly shoes anyway - AdiZero Feather FTW! #BoycottNike!

  2. ...So...I've actually created a map route now and it's listed in 'My Routes' - but these absolute dicks at Nike give you NO WAY TO ATTRIBUTE/ADD YOUR RUN TO IT! These Yanks are dumber than my dog and would rather give money to NFL psychopaths than invest it in a working website.
    As soon as I have the money I'll be getting the Adidas Speed Cell or some kind of Garmin GPS.

    NB: I've boycotted all Nike products already - just waiting for the pedometer's battery to deplete.

  3. Wasn't there something about Google wanting more money from Nike because they were using the maps servers too much? Now Nike only made 3.04 Billion (that's right, with a B) dollars last year, so obviously they need to hoard every penny they can get their hands on. Nike is simply too big to care about customers.