Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nike+ Coach now on Android

It's been a long long time since I last ran so I dusted off my running shoes started the Nike+ app. Was surprised to see the Nike+ coach back on again and now its on the mobile.

From what I know the old coach program is not available for quite some time when new Nike+ Running site was launched a few years ago back in 2012.

Now you select coach in the drop down list on your Nike+ Running app.

"Get training programs, run reminders and the push you need to go farther and faster than ever before. With Nike+ Coach, you will get everything you need to be race-day ready.

Choose between 5k, 10k, Half-marathon or a full Marathon training!

Choose between beginner, intermediate and advance.

I chose 5K beginner to start getting back to running again.

You can also key in your race name and date so Nike+ can remind you when to run. Nike+ Running Coach will provide you with daily workout instructions, weekly progress updates with detailed stats, and alerts about upcoming workouts.

Looking back at the Nike Coach back in 2010

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