Friday, August 29, 2014

Help! I can't share my Nike plus runs on facebook

Many runners cannot get their Nike+ runs to share on their Facebook. Even though the running app says it shared but upon checking, there is still no post of the run yet. Some also complained that the FB icon on the Nike website is greyed out while the Twitter icon works fine.

The solution is simple:
1) Log into the Nike+ website
2) Click on your run that you want to share
3) Click "Make Private" beside the social icons
4) Walla! The Facebook icon should not be grey out now
5) Now click on the FB icon and you can share now

Notice that the FB icon is greyed out, click on the make private icon
Yes! Make it private, duh...yes..Nike's "private" is actually making it able for sharing

Now you can share your runs, cheers!

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