Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Nike+ Sensor Pouch

Today I came across a video by "nikeplusrunners" who came up with an easy and free way to use the Nike+ sensor without using Nike shoes! I've tried running using this method and my Nike GPS sportwatch has no problem detecting it during my entire run.

Step 1: Place your Nike sensor into a platic bag or zipper bag

Step 2: Slot it all the way in between the tounge of your shoe and the shoe laces.

You won't even feel it during your run. It's that easy! And it's water resistant too! There's no need for any costly sensor pouches or drilling your shoes...

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  1. Hello, can I link some how sensor with nike+ on my iphone 5. I dont want to use the ipode+nike aplication I am using nike+ and I cant find the way to link it. Thx for the answer.