Wednesday, June 27, 2012

iTunes won't connect to NikePlus

iTunes will not upload my runs to Nike Plus. When you click Visit Site, it comes up with a connection error, but my connection is fine and I can log on to the site manually. I have checked firewall settings and iTunes is allowed. I think iTunes has the wrong creds saved but it is impossible to change them.

I know I am not the only one having this problem but no other forums have a working solution.

I have contacted Nike but they have referred me back to Apple. I agree that it is an apple problem. Could somebody from Apple comment on this and there is no email add or phone number for support?

I have the latest versions of software on iTunes and 6th gen iPod Nano. iTunes does recognise the device and I do have the Nike ipod tab in iTunes.

Solution #1:

The Nike server could be down temporary, just try again later.

Solution #2:

Your iTunes might be out dated.

1) Open iTunes

2) Click Help

3) Click About iTunes

4) It will display your version (if it's not the latest version then update it)

5) IF out of date click Help

6) Click Check for updates

7) Install newest version (once installed move on)

8) Test your Nike+ sync again

Solution #3:

Make sure your iPod software on your device is the most up to date version.

1) Plug you iPod into your computer with the USB cable

2) Open iTunes (if it doesn't automatically when you plug in your iPod)

3) Click on the iPod icon

4) It will display your version of your software in the middle of the screen

5) Click Check for updates (if a new update is available it will tell you)

6) Update as needed

7) Once update is applied test Nike+ sync

Solution #4

You can try to reset your iPod to the factory defaults (this shouldn't delete any files on the iPod just reset custom settings), to reset to factory settings follow these steps:

Switch on the key lock

Switch off the key lock

Press the Menu and Center buttons (hold for 5 seconds this should cause the iPod to reboot)

After the iPod reboots connect back to iTunes and see if it syncs

If your iPod and Nike+ still aren't syncing then you might want to try to set your default web browser to Internet explorer, I have heard this can fix the issue (I am skeptical though). To set IE to your default browser follow these steps:

Open Internet Explorer

Click Tools

Click Options

Click Programs Tab

Click Make Default button (under Default web browser section)

Click OK

Close IE

Try to sync your Nike+ again

Solution #5:

It may be that you do not have any browsers set as default, so iTunes didn't know where to go to get to the internet.

Go to control panel, add/remove programs, click set program defaults, custom, Internet Explorer.


  1. Omg, you helped me so much, I never though about the IE hack but it worked perfectly. You rock dude!

  2. i tried all of the above and it still doesn't work