Sunday, June 24, 2012

Help! Where can I find the challenges page in the new website?

I love your new Nike+ website but where have all my challenges gone? I can't find my exisiting challenges. Can I still keep track of the progress of the challenges I am in?

From Nike+ Running Faqs:
Challenges are being revamped with new ways to challenge and be challenged by any Nike+ member. Runners will be able to challenge their Nike+ friends with miles or NikeFuel-based challenges, as well as 1:1 and group challenges. Our new Challenge feature will be launched in Fall 2012.

Are you in an existing Challenge on our current site that extends past May 31? Not to worry - you will still be able to view your progress and see your Challenge leaderboards while we build the new Challenges system. Shortly after the new site launches in June, Challenge participants will be able to view a leaderboard of their existing Challenges. The Challenge leader boards will update in real time, and will include individual and team leader board views. You will not be able to edit, join, invite a new member, create a new challenge, delete an existing challenge or trash talk. But you will be able to keep your current Challenges going while we build our new version, which we hope gives you that extra motivation and fun that Nike+ brings.  

Please note there will be a short amount of time after the new site launches where you will not be able to see your current Challenges. Your data will not be lost. We are still tracking every run and keeping the leader boards intact, so keep getting those runs in!