Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Nike+ Top Routes are created

Many people have been asking me how the Nike plus top routes are created and how they can create one so that they can earn the speed demon or local legend trophies.

So I went ahead and ask the same exact question to the Nike support dudes:

Q: How are top routes created on the Nike+ places, I'm curious how some people are able to match their runs to certain routes (like the map below "Bucktown to Lincoln park" for example). Do these people have a special status or am I missing something? What are the hot routes and how are they generated?

A: To clarify, some routes have been identified as Top Routes by our team. If you have a Nike+ device that uses a GPS signal to record your metrics, one of these Top Routes can be run and you can attribute the workout to this specific path. This feature is not accessible at this time however. Stay tuned for updates.

So to summarize, Nike choose what's in and what's not for you. The routes that you can create, is for your own viewing only. Only Nike can create a top route in the Nike+ places.
Guess we will have to wait again for their "not so often" updates to the Nike map.

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